Is your your kiddo about to start daycare, preschool or school? 


Back to School/Work 2021:

My 3-Step Solution for a Smooth Transition 

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Date: We start on Monday August 16

Is your kiddo starting daycare soon for the first time and you wonder how to help them get ready?

Is your kiddo returning to outside care after being home for a LONG time at home?

Are you concerned about how they will nap at daycare/preschool?

Does your kiddo's current schedule need to change to get to school on time and you don't know where to start?

Does your oldest drop-off/pick-up times conflict with your baby's naps?

Do you need a new routine?

So many families are going back to work/school in a few weeks. This transition feels extra challenging this year, so let's do it together!
I will guide you through every step  so we can get through this transition without the stress!

During our challenge we will cover:
1. How to assess if your child's schedule needs to change

2. How and when to adjust the schedule

3. How to prepare if your child will nap at daycare/preschool

4. How to manage separation - for you and your child - and ensure it does not affect sleep at night

5. What to expect during the first few weeks and how to navigate that

6. How to manage multiple children with different schedules. And much more!

Here's how it's going to work:
On Mondays: you will receive an email explaining what to focus on that week. 

On Wednesdays: join me on Zoom at 8 pm PDT for a quick review of those topics and to answer your questions.

Anytime: Ask questions anytime in my private Facebook group

If going back to school/work is stressing you out, 
take this challenge with me to make this transition stress-free!

About Your Host, Marie-Eve

After experiencing sleep struggles with her own daughter, Marie-Eve knew she wanted to provide families the guidance and support that she needed at the time. 
Marie-Eve believes that sleep can look different for different families.  She is committed to helping families achieve their own sleep goals using tools and strategies that fit their specific situation, child and parenting style.  She has served 1000 families worldwide since 2014. Her focus is not only helping children become confident and independent sleepers, but giving the parents more tools, personal time and peace of mind!


What People Are Saying

“After our first conversation with Marie-Eve, I knew I needed her. She didn't judge the things we did to get our kid to sleep, and I felt like she would be there with us every step of the way. Marie-Eve provided us with a detailed plan that fit our lifestyle and helped us with a gentle approach to independent sleep. Our son went from sleeping awful to sleeping through the night AND taking all naps in his crib, by himself. Honestly, without Marie-Eve's encouragement and constant support, I don't know what I would have done! If you're reading this and your baby doesn't sleep, or does not sleep well, CALL MARIE-EVE. You'll be so happy you did!"
- Krissy, mom to a 5-month-old

"We hired Marie-Eve a few months ago and within 2 weeks our three year old went from requiring us to lay with her to fall asleep AND getting up with her once at night (every night) to easily leaving the room before she's asleep and RARELY getting up at night. Best money I have ever spent.
- Kristen, mom to a 3-year-old

"We are so glad we found Marie-Eve. She has given us such clear directions and guidance. We started to attempt sleep training and found ourselves feeling guilty and unsure of ourselves.  We were referred to Marie-Eve from two of our friends and reached out to her and she helped us achieve more than we ever thought possible. After our phone consultation with Marie-Eve, we felt like we had a total understanding of what we needed to do and most importantly we felt comfortable with the plan and confident we could follow through. Now our baby is sleeping through the night, going down for naps (this we never even imagined was possible) and she’s so much happier because she is well rested.  Marie-Eve’s positivity, approach and clear communication made her a joy to work with and I will recommend her to all of my friends with babies who need help getting them to sleep and to follow more of a routine." 
- Ann Marie, mom to a 25 months

“We have been passing your information to anyone who asks about sleep! You've been such a lifesaver in our home."  

- Elizabeth, mom to a 2 years old


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