Parents of kiddos with 0-10 years old:

Want to raise your kiddos to be healthy sleepers?
Let's do it together!

Sleep is a journey and it evolves over time - I would love to be there for you each step of the way!
Sleep habits evolve as your child grows and life happens!
Over time you will experience shifts in schedules and naps, new behaviors will emerge, and all sorts of transitions will unfold.

I want to be there for you each step of the way.

Raising Healthy Sleepers is a $34 monthly membership program that provides you the tools, knowledge and support to develop and maintain the good sleep habits that you value for your family.

Here's what's included in your monthly membership:

Weekly Q&A

I am here for you every week - always in your back pocket when you need it!  I provide personalized coaching and answer your specific questions and concerns when they first come up. Anything on your mind, ask away!

In addition to coaching from me, you get all the added benefits from group coaching. You will learn from other parents’ Q&A as well, and I hope you will share your experience and wisdom with others too! Getting other families' perspectives is so valuable!

Monthly Sleep Focus

We cover a specific sleep-related topic each month. Depending on the topic, we use videos, guides, handouts, checklists, open discussions, etc.

Parenting Corner

We cover a non-sleep parenting topic every quarter (for example: feeding, family fun, parenting hacks, etc.). Based on the topic, we have guest speakers, share resources, discuss a podcast/article, open discussions, etc.

24/7 Access to the Sleep Vault

Have a question? You have access to an extensive library of resources: guides, videos, checklists, online course.
Topics include bedtime stalling, night weaning, nap transitions, traveling, sleeping at daycare, favorite products, sample schedules - and so much more! Additional content will continue to be added over time.

Video Coaching Platform & Community

We use Marco Polo for our weekly Q&A. Marco Polo supports video and voice-only posts, so you will record your questions/comments. I find that talking through things works better than writing, and that busy parents feel the same way too. Marco Polo is asynchronous, which means we don’t need to be on it at the same time. You can hop on to post and/or listen - whenever it's convenient for you!

Unlimited $35 "Get Unstuck" Sessions

If you feel stuck, we'll hop on a 30-min Zoom to get you the answers you need to get back on track. 

Members of Raising Healthy Sleepers receive a special $35 Get Unstuck rate. Rate for non-members is $90.

But Most Importantly, 

Join a community of families who value sleep like you!
You don't have to do this alone. Let's share the ups and downs of parenting - sleep and all - take this journey together!
Join now! The price will never be that low again!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Join me inside Raising Healthy Sleepers and if you are not 100% satisfied within 7 days, send me an email and I will give you your money back.

Get the sleep you need so you can focus on the life you want!

About Marie-Eve Gagnon

After experiencing sleep struggles with my own daughter, I knew I wanted to provide families the guidance and support that I needed at the time. 

I believe that sleep can look different for different families.  My expertise is to help families achieve their own sleep goals using tools and strategies that fit their specific situation, child and parenting style.
Since 2014, I have helped over 1000 families worldwide get back enjoying bedtimes and the evenings. My focus is not only helping children become confident and independent sleepers, but giving the parents more tools, personal time and peace of mind!
 - Marie-Eve Gagnon, pediatric gentle sleep coach

Here Are the Top Questions I Have Received About
Raising Healthy Sleepers

Can't I just watch some YouTube videos or read some blogs?

You will have to parse through lots of (often conflicting) information and get all the parts right to be successful. And you will miss out on being part of a supportive group of parents who get it and help each other out!

What do I get when I sign up?

You get access to our private Marco Polo group for community, support and coaching. You will also get access to the sleep vault - full of resources for you to look at!

How long does it take to get started?

You will get immediate access to the Raising Healthy Sleepers channel to join our community, support and coaching. You will also get access to the sleep vault within 24 hours.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes! See details above.

What Others Are Saying About Marie-Eve

"We are so glad we found Marie-Eve. She has given us such clear directions and guidance. We started to attempt sleep training and found ourselves feeling guilty and unsure of ourselves. We were referred to Marie-Eve from two of our friends and reached out to her, and she helped us achieve more than we ever thought possible. After our phone consultation with Marie-Eve, we felt like we had a total understanding of what we needed to do, and most importantly we felt comfortable with the plan and confident we could follow through. Now our baby is sleeping through the night, going down for naps (this we never even imagined was possible), and she’s so much happier because she is well rested. Marie-Eve’s positivity, approach, and clear communication made her a joy to work with, and I will recommend her to all of my friends with babies who need help getting them to sleep and to follow more of a routine."
-Ann Marie, mom to a 25-month-old

"After our first conversation with Marie-Eve, I knew I needed her. She didn’t judge the things we did to get our kid to sleep, and I felt like she would be there with us every step of the way. Marie-Eve provided us with a detailed plan that fit our lifestyle and helped us with a gentle approach to independent baby sleep. Our son went from sleeping awful to sleeping through the night AND taking all naps in his crib, by himself. Honestly, without Marie-Eve’s encouragement and constant support, I don’t know what I would have done! If you’re reading this and your baby doesn’t sleep, or does not sleep well, CALL MARIE-EVE. You’ll be so happy you did!"

 - Krissy, mom to a 5-month-old

"We have been passing your information to anyone who asks about sleep! You've been such a lifesaver in our home."

 - Elizbeth, mom to a 9-month-old

"We hired Marie-Eve a few months ago and within 2 weeks our three year old went from requiring us to lay with her to fall asleep AND getting up with her once a night (every night) to easily leaving the room before she's asleep and RARELY getting up at night. Best money I have ever spent."

- Kristen, mom to a 3-year-old

Choose Sleep For Your family & Join Raising Healthy Sleepers Today!

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