Baby sleep coach Marie-Eve not only helped our daughter, she helped our marriage.  After over two years of being up multiple times a night, rocking for hours, and trying to sneak out of our daughters room only to trigger her cries once again we were really struggling.  Parenting is difficult enough on a relationship but lack of sleep for such a long period of time felt like it could break us.  Marie-Eve helped us develop a plan and guided us with tips, encouragement and endless support while we carried it out.  After a few weeks of effort our daughter was sleeping through the night and able to put herself back to sleep when she woke.  Her mood improved dramatically and so did ours.  We are genuinely a happier family now that we all sleep and we are deeply grateful for the help Marie-Eve gave us.  Thank you.

– Ann Marie, mom to a 25 month old

We were just sitting here talking about how while this has been difficult, the results have far exceeded what we thought would be possible, and it really hasn’t been as hard as we expected.  Just knowing we have someone to help us problem solve has been invaluable.  Thank you so, so much.

We want to say again that you have helped us so, so much – this has succeeded beyond my wildest dreams!  It is a total game changer to have evenings back and she is so much happier.  While we have a few kinks to work out I am so impressed with our progress.  In her eighth month, Audrey started sitting up on her own, crawling, pulling up to stand, taking first cruising steps, waving, had a brief GI illness, and cut two teeth.  To make the progress we have with all that going on is nothing short of amazing!!

– Tracy, mom to an 8 month old

I was spending over two hours a night nursing my son to sleep only to have him wake up 6-8 times a night to continue nursing. I had not slept more than 3 hours straight since he was born (and that was a good night). My husband and I were absolutely desperate for help. With baby sleep coach Marie-Eve’s guidance and daily support, we were able to teach our son to sleep without nursing. Now, thanks to her, all three of us sleep soundly! Our son has a bedtime routine and wakes once a night to nurse (on my terms). I’m not afraid of bedtime anymore, and I have several hours a night alone with my husband. We could not have completed sleep training without Marie-Eve’s gentle encouragement and unwaivering support. She is both knowledgable and intuitive. Working with her was one of the best investments we’ve ever made, and we cannot thank her enough for what she has done for our family!

– Noelle, mom of an 8 month old boy

Charlie and I want to thank you for all of you help! Liam has been napping in his crib for the past 3 weeks and is in bed most nights by 6.30pm and sleeping well. You changed our lives!!

We know this is your job but you need to know just how much you helped us. I was at a real low point when we finally called you. I had given myself to Liam mentally and physically for almost 5 months and I was spent! You provided us with the tools and confidence to help Liam sleep. We know his mind and body is now getting the rest he needs to become a big healthy happy and smart boy! I am now able to get some much needed rest during the day and we are now able to have some quiet time together at night.

We appreciate all of the extra hours you put in with us. You were always available to give us advice or encouragement. You definitely went above and beyond in helping us stay calm and focused. Some nights we really wanted to give up but your encouragement, kind words, and excitement with successes really got us through.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

– Rachael and Charlie, parents to a 5 month old boy

When our family met baby sleep coach Marie-Eve, August’s sleep was spiraling – both at night and with day-time naps. My wife and I were discouraged, depleted, and getting scared. We chose to turn towards a more directive approach to sleep because our attachment-based, 100% response-to-his-needs was not even that effective any longer.

The Sleep Lady shuffle offered a really compassionate marriage between our needs during the attachment process and consistent behavioral reinforcement. As the process unfolded, our perspective of what attachment is and could be evolved and will continue to serve us in supporting August’s development.

It was definitely difficult at times, and our trust and comfort with the process was tested. In those times Marie-Eve was available – both by phone and email – with the perfect balance of encouragement and accountability. She was honest, direct, and totally supportive of our parenting needs and instincts. I would highly recommend anyone drawn to the Sleep Lady method to consult with Marie-Eve.

– Jesse and Clara, parents to 10 mo old boy

I must send a shout out and giant THANK YOU to baby sleep coach Marie-Eve Gagnon of Slumber Time Solutions for saving my sanity! At this moment, both of my boys are happily snoozing and I am enjoying some FREE TIME on Facebook! After a year of zero sleep when Max was a baby, I vowed to help Mason learn to sleep MUCH SOONER so I enlisted Marie-Eve Gagnon for some support. She was Amazing! She helped me create a plan that was perfect for us and super gentle for Mason. Now he sleeps like a champ and I do too!!! To anyone who is walking around like a zombie because your kiddos won’t let you sleep, GET IN TOUCH WITH MARIE-EVE! You can send me a thank you gift later – you’ll need a bit of sleep under your belt in order to make the cookies that I’ll be requesting. 😉

– Jill, mom to  a 5 month old

Honestly, 3 weeks ago, we were having legitimate conversations about not having anymore kids (we've always wanted 3) because we were all so exhausted and miserable. Last night, my husband and I looked at each other with this realization that we CAN have more kids!! It does not have to be horrible - we can do this!!

– Sarah, mom to  a 8 month old girl

We truly are so grateful for the huge shift that has created for the better in our lives!  It’s so dramatically different that we are starting to consider baby #2!

It’s been amazing – all of a sudden, we can make plans. And I have time to myself. And my husband and I have time together! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your help and guidance!

– Madison, mom to  a 14 month old girl

Slumber Time Solutions changed our life! After getting to know our family, our schedule, and our goals, baby sleep coach Marie-Eve developed a personalized sleep-training plan for our baby. She provided us invaluable insight into the physiological and psychological attributes of baby sleep and offered us tremendous support during our training process. Our baby now sleeps 11 hours a night! Thank you, Slumber Time Solutions!

– Kate, mom to  a 5 month old girl

Bottom line is that we have a child whose sleep is envied by other parents now! I never thought we would be able to say that!

The sleep deprivation was so miserable I thought it would be impossible to ever have another child. I am so thankful we were able to help our son learn to sleep well without leaving him in a room alone to cry himself to sleep. So, thanks for everything. Thanks for your kind advice, gentle prodding when we needed it, your baby sleep coach support, encouragement and patience with all three of us.  We think you’re great.

– Amanda, mom to  a 10 month old boy

I tell my friends to call Mary Poppins (meaning you!)! That's how magical you are.

– Meredith, mom to  a 9 month old boy

I cannot say thank you enough! Your attention, gentleness, patience and confidence in us and our son means the world to me!  I was falling into some serious depression about sleep and it was affecting everything.

– Kim, mom to  a 6 month old boy

Dear slumber angel,

So glad you were available to help us guide our baby girl, Maelle, to sleep throughout the night. We were waking up every 45 minutes for three days In a row. After 9 months of few hours of sleep, my husband and I could not handle it anymore. The personalized advice were fantastic for the three of us. We felt supported by you and it made us feel relax and safe to help our little girl. I wish to underline the professionalism of your advice and process. Thank you so dearly!

– Caroline and Romain, parents to  a 9 month old girl

We are truly over the moon with how his sleep has changed. It has a huge impact on our life.  We are so pleased with all your advice and support.  Our family is so much happier now that we are all sleeping well!

– Karen, mom to  a 9 month old