Creating Supportive Environments for Children Sleeping in 2 Households

I had the opportunity to talk with Pacific Cascade Family Law to discuss factors that can result in sleep challenges for children, and how co-parents can work together across households to create environments that support healthy sleep patterns.

We covered the following:

  • Why do children have problems falling asleep or staying asleep in two households?
  • How can co-parents go about addressing their kid’s sleeping routine now that there will be two places where the kid sleeps?
  • What should co-parents consider when setting up a sleep environment in each home?
  • Is it necessary for each home to have the exact same bedtime systems in order to create a cohesive environment?
  • How can you support your child during your visitation if they’re missing their other parent?
  • Is it a hopeless cause if your co-parent won’t get on the same page about creating a cohesive environment and sleep routine?

Watch the video here:

Thank you Steve and the team for this conversation! If you find yourself in need of a family lawyer, reach out Pacific Cascade Family Law, you will be in very good hands.