Is your family TIRED???


Does any of this sound familiar to you?

• Do you dread nap or bedtime?
• Your child has difficulty going to sleep and staying asleep, and wakes several times throughout the night
• Has your bed become the family bed but no one is sleeping well?
• Your child takes short naps or no naps, but clearly needs more daytime sleep;
• Your child’s sleep habits are changing and what used to work, no longer works at bedtime or naptime;
• Your child’s bedtime routine seems unusually long and arduous and requires too many “special requests”;
• Are you exhausted and frustrated?

Do you feel you need to:

• Rock, bounce, hold, pat or swing your child to sleep?
• Lay down with or be near your child in order for them to go to sleep?
• Nurse or bottle feed your baby down to sleep?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, I can help!

I am a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach®, trained and certified by Kim West, a.k.a. The Sleep Lady. I help tired families with young children get the sleep they need. If your child is age 0-6 and sleep is a concern in your house – I can help.

I don’t believe in one size fits all solutions. I work with families to create a customized gentle sleep plan that incorporates your parenting style, needs and goals as well as your child’s health, age and temperament. I will coach you step-by-step so we can help your children learn to fall asleep independently, sleep through the night and take restorative, age appropriate naps WITHOUT leaving them to cry it out alone.

Contact me today and let me help your tired family get the sleep they need!

I offer services in both English and French (services disponibles en français).