Recharge and Connect: Elevating Bedtime with Moments of Self-Care

The whirlwind of parenting and adulting can often leave us drained by the time bedtime rolls around, making it hard to be present and really connect with our kiddo(s) during their bedtime routines.

In this blog, we’ll explore some tips to help you parents get yourselves ready so you can stay calm and connect with your child during bedtime


Take short breaks during the day for micro-moments of self-care. Practice deep breathing, stretch, or engage in activities that bring you joy (I like to do jigsaw puzzles!). These breaks contribute to overall well-being and help maintain a positive mindset throughout the day/evening


Before diving into your child’s bedtime routine, take a pause to recharge for just 5 minutes. This short but intentional break serves as a personal reset, allowing you to transition from the demands of the day to the nurturing moments ahead. Find a quiet space (if you can find that!), take a few deep breaths, and center yourself. Whether it’s a moment of reflection, a brief stretch, scrolling for a few min or a sip of your favorite drink, these 5 minutes are a gift to yourself to help you have a positive bedtime.


keeping your phone out of your child’s bedroom during their routine. Without the intrusion of notifications or the temptation to check emails, it will be easier to be present.


Before bedtime, identify non-urgent tasks that can be delegated or postponed until the next day. This will help decrease your post-bedtime “to do list” for the night, which will ease the pressure during the bedtime routine.


If possible, take turns handling bedtime responsibilities. Switching responsibilities will prevent you from burning out from doing bedtime every night. Communicate with your partner and switch turns if you need to.

By incorporating some of these practices into your daytime and evening routines, you pave the way for a more present and connected bedtime experience with your child. Now, every bedtime will not be perfect, and that’s ok. But by trying some of these suggestions, I bet you will have more nights of the week where you walk out of your kiddo’s bedroom with a full heart and feeling good about how the day ended.

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